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Arriving at Jeddah international airport - Budget car rental information

The main international airport in Jeddah is the King Abdul Azeez International Airport (KAIA). Jeddah airport is located about 15 kms north of the main city centre.

There are two main terminals: the North and South terminals.
The North terminal serves passengers that arrive/depart by all foreign airlines whereas the South terminal serves passengers traveling by Saudi Airlines.

There is also a third terminal, the Haj terminal, that is widely used by passengers arriving in Jeddah on a Haj (pilgrimage) visa.

The North and South terminals, although a part of the same airport, are about 15 km away from each other. There are inter-terminal buses available outside the terminals.

There are also extension counters for almost all the major hotels and car rentals in the city. These are accessible 24hours a day.

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Budget Car Rental at International Jeddah Airport

Budget Rent a Car location is readily available outside the terminals of Jeddah airport at any time of the day/night 24/7.

Upon arriving, the path to the Car Hire is marked.

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Visiting Jeddah City with your Budget rental car

Jeddah city in Saudi Arabia is one the largest cities in the country and commercial capital of the country.
Driving around with your Budget rental car enables you to discover the wonders of the city of Jeddah.

- One of the most popular destinations of Jeddah is Old Jeddah which has Balad with a good balance of Indoor and outdoor Market.
The interesting part of Balad is the outdoor covered Market area which is accessed through the restored gateway found to the right of the Queens Building. Heading straight through the gateway there are shops to the left and right mainly selling Arabian and Indian style gold jewellery.

- Biet Nassif, the house of the traditional Nassif family is the place where can witness ancient historical items like the 700 year old flag mast and 15th century cannon in this center. Going through the reminiscent of ancient Jeddah is one of the primary things to do in Jeddah. You can find a Museum with simple but effective artist's impression of Makkah through the ages, and a number of splendid photographs marking historical occasions in the life of King Abdul Aziz and his many sons.

- Makkah Gate: a historic place as well as a popular centre that is busy round the clock, surrounded by Mosques, it is known as Old Headquarters of Saudi Arabia.

- Other attractions in Jeddah includes a Floating Mosque constructed on the Shore of Red Sea

- Jeddah Corniche and King Fahad's Water Spring acquire top priority. The beautifully decorated Jeddah Corniche displays varieties of sculptures with various themes and designs. King Fahad's Water Spring in Jeddah considered the largest fountain in the world is an amazing sight especially during night. This exquisite blend of science and beauty is not to be missed. The spectacular sights of the Jeddah Corniche and the fountain provide feast for the eyes.

- Amusement parks:
One of the most popular Amusement Parks at Jeddah and a must in the itinerary of all families visiting the city is the Al Shallal Theme Park.
Also referred to as 'Fakeih Poultry Farms', the Al Shallal Theme Park in Jeddah has the distinction of having the largest roller coaster in the country. The Theme Park also features a separate ice rink. The amusement park of Jeddah also includes theme games for the children including magic shows. The park premises at Jeddah also include a large number of onsite restaurants that serve cuisines from all across the world.
The other prominent Amusement Parks in Jeddah are the Fantasy Garden, Atallah Happyland, and Sanabel Park. Other recreational parks at Jeddah are the Train Lake and Sindibad Park.

- Makkah:
Makkah is considered the heart of the Muslim world. Makkah, located near the western coast of Saudi Arabia, is approximately 45-minute drive away from east of Jeddah which is why most of the Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims from different countries lands at Jeddah International Airport.
In the last few years, Jeddah received more than 5 millions pilgrims per year. It is in Makkah where the Grand Mosque, Masjid Al Haram, with the holy shrine of Ka'bah situates. This is only place in the world where a Muslim can go for Pilgrimage in terms of Haj and Umrah.

The Ka'bah in Makkah is the Qiblah (direction of prayer) of the Muslims around the world. It was in this sacred city that the Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him) was born and brought up. In the outskirts of Makkah, in the cave of Hira, the Prophet (PBUH) received the first Revelation from God Almighty through the angel Jibraiel.

Holy City Makkah also has Makkah Royal Hotel Clock Tower, which is the tallest Clock tower in the World.
The clock on this Tower is visible 25 km away.