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Car rental Johannesburg Airport

To get the best from your visit to Johannesburg, make sure you rent a car and see the sights of this wonderful city at your own pace

Booking a car rental cheap deal with Budget could not be any easier. Simply log on to their site and select the make and model you would like. You can also select the accessories you require, for example a child booster seat or sat nav. Not to mention you can specify a pick up point and your chosen vehicle will be waiting for you when you arrive at Johannesburg airport.


Situated in the South African province of Gauteng, Johannesburg is the biggest city in South Africa and has the largest growing economy of any metropolis south of the Sahara. Johannesburg is in fact one of the 50 largest cities in the world. Located entirely inland without benefit of a shoreline, lake or river, Johannesburg residents claim it is the world number one for lightening strikes, however this has never been verified.

Although Johannesburg does not enjoy the status of being a capital city, it is the seat of South Africa's Constitutional Court and the city is famous for diamond and gold excavations on a mammoth scale. This is because of the nearby Witwatersrand Hills that are rich in natural minerals, and they continue to yield precious stones and gems to this day.

Attractions in Johannesburg

Johannesburg has all kinds of attractions from wild life game reserves, zoos and lion parks to hiking trails and picnic areas. The warm climate ensures most activities can and are, whenever possible carried out in the open air. Johannesburg also has a range of museums specific to the locale, the most famous of which is the Apartheid Museum.

Budget car rental Johannesburg

If you choose a hire car during your stay you will be glad as there are so many attractions and things to do which are located outside of the city. With limited public transport and mini cabs being difficult to find outside of the city itself, a cheap car rental is definitely the way to go.

Driving in Johannesburg is straightforward enough, as they also drive on the left and the road signs and directions are in English and easily visible. The city has a new road network too, which has evolved as the city itself has, in a mostly northerly direction. The main motorway is the N1 and this connects Johannesburg with Pretoria to the north and Cape Town to the south. The N12 leads to the Kimberley mine area, Witbank and to the Kruger National Park and famous safari land, while the N3 leads towards the south-east coast and to Durban.

Car hire cheap deals don't come any better than with Budget. Budget cars are located at OR Tambo, Johannesburg's International Airport and booking ahead could not be easier. You can either book from the Budget site itself or via the OR Tambo website at www.southafrica.to/transport, where you can request the car of your choice and any extras you may require (4 x 4, sat nav etc.). Budget pride themselves on delivering cheap car rentals whilst all Budget cars are well-maintained and reliable with full air-conditioning. If you fancy going further afield, unlimited mileage deals are also available on Budget rental cars.

Car rental with Budget is fast, easy and stress free. Use Budget cheap car rental on your trip to Johannesburg and see the sights at your own leisure. Budget is the number one for cheap car hire, offering reliable vehicles equipped to deal with the local climate. As well as this, because so many of Johannesburg's main attractions are located outside of the city, a hire car is the best way of getting around.

Budget rent a car Johannesburg

  • Budget is located at all major South African airports including OR Tambo International, Johannesburg.

  • Order your vehicle today and it will be waiting for you when you arrive at the airport. Complete the online form today and start your trip to South Africa in complete independence and style. OR Tambo Airport is 22 km from Johannesburg city centre.

    Budget Car Hire Johannesburg

    Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport
    Kempton Park1627
    South Africa
    Telephone: +27 (0) 11 921 6911

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