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Riyadh car rental - Budget rent a car service in Riyadh

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia, and of the Riyadh province. It is populated with over 5 millions inhabitants. The city of Riyadh is made of 15 districts.

Being the largest city in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh possesses a national bus system, that provides public transportation inside Riyadh and to several cities across Saudi Arabia.
However, renting a car is still the most convenient and easy way to navigate the city. For this reason, many people choose to use Budget Rent a car direct from Riyadh airport.

Rent your Budget car in Riyadh for business or holiday

BUDGET car rental stations in Riyadh:
14 rental stations at your service to meet all you rent a car needs :
- Riyadh Airport
- Dabbab Street, near Chamber Of Commerce
- King Abdullah Rd Beside Kfc - Al Mursallat District
- King Abdulaziz Street
- Khuraish Road, near King Fahd Medical Center
- Main Airport road , between Exit 11 & 10
- Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Street
- Oleya 2 Street, Old Computer Market
- Al Khurais Road
- Malaz District, Sitteen Street
- King Abdulaziz Road, Mursalat District
- Sulemaniah, Pr Mamdouh Bin Abdul Aziz Street, Sulemaniah District
- King Abdul Aziz St, Old Airport Road
- Second Industrial City, Near Othaim Supermarket

Just select your car rental station in the quick booking engine on the left of the page to book your Budget car in Riyadh.

Budget Car Rental at King Khaled International Airport in Riyadh

KKIA is the gateway which welcomes all the visitors to the capital city of Saudi Arabia. The airport is located 35 km in the North of Riyadh.
The airport has three main passenger terminals. Terminal 1 & 2 are for international arrivals whereas terminal 3 serves domestic arrivals.

Hosting almost 13 Million passengers each year, the airport offers you the latest rent a car facilities.
Budget Rent a Car outlet is readily available outside the terminals at any time of the day and night 24/7.
Upon arriving, the path to the Car Rental companies’ area is marked.

Riyadh, the city

The city has various interesting attractions such as Riyad National Zoo, Kingdom Centre, King Abdul Aziz Museum, Al Faisalya centre, Al Murraba Palace and City of Old Dariyah.

Noticeable areas in Riyad:

- Al-Bathaa and Al-Dirah: historical center of Riyadh.
Landmarks :
-- Al Masmak fort
-- Riyadh Museum of History and Archeology: this Museum is chief among the other Museums in Riyad which showcases local art, religion and culture, as well as the diverse and intriguing history of the Arabian kingdoms. The Museum of History and Archaeology in Riyad is a colossal museum and comprises eight sections. These eight sections are based on different themes like—The Prophet’s Mission, Islam and the Arabian Peninsula, Unification, Jahiliyah, Arabian Kingdoms, 1st and 2nd Saudi States and Hajj and the Two Holy Mosques.
-- Murabba'a Palace:
The Al Murabba’a Palace is an interesting place for all the youngsters and enthusiasts who wish to have a glimpse of Arabian royalty life. The Al Murabba’a Palace in Riyad is one of the most interesting buildings that depict Saudi Arabian history and rich cultural past.
-- Qasr Al-Hukm (Palace of Justice)
-- Commercial markets and traditional buildings, such as the Al-Mu'eiqilia market and the city's Grand Mosque.

- Thalia : the area with one of the largest avenue and large pavements allowing a nice stroll after sunset.

- Hai as safarat – Diplomatic quarter : on the road between Riyadh and Mecca, the D.Q is the home of foreign embassies, residential buildings and malls, petrol stations, a mosque, many schools...

- Olaya District : this is the commercial heart of the city, you will find there many accommodation options, entertainment, dining and shopping options.

-- the Kingdom Center: located at the crossroads of King Fahd Expressway, Orouba Road and Olaya Road, Kingdom Centre is the 37th largest building of the world and the highest centre of the nation occupied with extremely prestigious and exciting shopping mall with 161 renowned stores and shops. There are many offices followed by five-star Four Seasons Hotels, fitness club and international restaurants.

-- Al Faisalyah: located in between King Fahd Road and Olaya Street, this building is 267 meters tall and comprises 30 floors. The interesting part of the Building is the tip of the building which is similar to that of a ball point pen’s tip. The bottom surface of the building is divided into two parts the eastern and western part. While the western part of the building mainly has an open space, the eastern part comprises a covered Lobby.
The highest tip of the Al Faisaliyah Center is in the shape of a golden ball. This ball has a three level restaurant, which offers all kinds of native as well as international delicacies. The upper floors of the Al Faisaliyah Center consist of a large number of galleries.

-- Al-Tahlya Street

- Riyad National Zoo: Is one of the largest Zoo of Saudi Arabia offering an outstanding collection of more than 40 species of animals and birds. There are more than 1,400 animals including leopards, monkeys, lions, hyenas, vultures, kangaroos, seals, elephants, camels, reptiles, crocodiles, rhinoceros, snakes, gazelles and others, which are housed in this zoo.

- City of Old Diriyah: Is considered to be one of the most attracting places in Saudi Arabia. It is an ancient city of major historical significance which lies approximately 12 miles away from the north western part of the Saudi Arabian capital city. Constructed almost entirely of mud-brick structures, ruins of the City of Old Diriyah owes its dignity to the enriched historical past, which is also famous for its immense worldwide popularity. During 1745, a strong Islamic reform movement took place over here. Besides this, in the past, the old city of Diriyah was also considered to be the largest in Arabian Peninsula.

The other historic attractions of this city includes:
Saad bin Saud Palace
Imam Mohammad bin Saud Mosque
Salwa Palace
Turaif Bath House


Desertic climate with a dry season from June to September with temperatures up to 45 degrees. Winters are milder and colder at night.

More information about Riyadh on the city's official site