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Car rental in South Africa

South Africa is a a colourful country in many ways - from the colourful characters you will meet to the awesome coastline that just goes on forever to the vast plains dotted with exotic animals and the bustling townships - you are never far from a sight of huge magnitude that you will never forget. National parks are a must see where you can take guided tours which will enable you to see great swathes of animals of different species in their natural habitat.

Using Budget car rental throughout your travels in South Africa will bring you many advantages - it will allow you to set the pace for your trip, taking in as much or as little as you want, it will mean you can choose a vehicle with air conditioning - a must in such a hot country, and if you plan to be travelling over a wide area then you will want a vehicle with plenty of storage space to carry all your equipment.

Car Rental South Africa

After leaving one of Budget's car rental locations in South Africa the country is yours to explore. There is, however, some essential information that you should know about before setting off. When using your rental car to travel across the major cities, a toll will generally be charged for the journey; toll booths take both credit card and cash payments although prices vary immensely.

If driving in more rural areas it is advisable to stay alert as wildlife and domestic animals cause many accidents in the country.
In terms of speed limits the national limit for freeways and major roads is 120 kph (75 mph), secondary roads carry a limit of 100 kph (60 mph) and in built up areas the maximum speed is 60 kph (35 mph). Local signage however should always be heeded when making changes to speed limits. Remember to keep left and put your seat belt on and your car rental experience in South Africa should be fine.

South Africa

South Africa is an awe-inspiring country that has many attractive towns and cities. When using our car rental services however it would be foolish not to see some of the national parks where it is possible to see wildlife such as lions, giraffes, zebras and elephants. South Africa is rapidly becoming a popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the world. Whether visiting on business, touring the majestic coastline or visiting to watch sporting events such as cricket or rugby, Budget's car rental can be considered the perfect travel companion. Book your rental car and take advantage of excellent prices; when visiting South Africa there really is no other way to travel.

South Africa's top highlights

1- Kruger National Park
2 -Table Mountain
3- Game Reserves and National Parks
4- Cape Town Beaches
5- Robben Island
6 - Garden Route
7 - Cape Whale Coast
8 - Cape Town’s Waterfront
9 - Soweto
10 - Cradle of Humankind
11- Durban and the Kawzulu Natal area

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