United International Transportation Co. announces the distribution of cash dividend for the first half of the year 2021




The Board of Directors of United International Transportation Company (Budget Saudi Arabia) decided, in its meeting held on Thursday 11-01-1443 corresponding to 19-08-2021, to distribute cash dividends to shareholders for the first half of 2021.

Date of the board’s decision

2021-08-19 Corresponding to 1443-01-11

The Total amount distributed

42,700,000,8 SAR

Number of Shares Eligible for Dividends


Dividend per share

0.60 SAR Per Share

Percentage of Dividend to the Share Par Value (%)

6 %

Eligibility date

The eligibility for dividends shall be for the shareholders who own the shares on Wednesday 01-09-2021 and who registered with the Securities Depository Centre Company at the end of the second trading day following the date of eligibility

Distribution Date

The distribution date will be announced later.