United International Transportation Company (Budget Saudi) Announces the date and method of distributing dividends to shareholders for the first half of the year 2021



Announcement Detail

With reference to the announcement of the United International Transportation Company on 14/01/1443 corresponding to 22/08/2021 regarding the Board of Directors’ decision to distribute cash dividends to shareholders for the first half of the fiscal year 2021, United International Transportation Company is pleased to announce to its shareholders that the profits will be distributed starting from Monday 13/02/1443 corresponding to 20/09/2021, for the shareholders’ bank accounts linked to the investment portfolios, and the eligibility for profits is for the shareholders of the company who own the shares at the end of trading on Wednesday 01/09/2021 and are registered in the company’s shareholders register with the Securities Depository Centre (Edaa) at the end of the second trading day following the maturity date, at (0.60) Saudi riyals per share, which represents (6%) of the capital, with a total amount of (42,700,000) Saudi riyals.

The company urges all shareholders to update their data and ensure that their bank account numbers are linked with their investment portfolios to ensure that their due profits are deposited directly into their accounts, and for any inquiries, you can contact the SABB bank on 920007222 or the Shareholder Relations Department through Phone No.: 0126927070 Ex: 1610 or 1777

Email: e.baziz@budgetsaudi.com or mazen@budgetsaudi.com